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“Zhanhui Animation Science &Technology Co., Ltd", which its predecessor is "Bao Hui Electronic Science &Technology Co., Ltd”,has been established since 1992. With ten years of sustained and stable development, now the corporation includes “Zhanhui Animation Science &Technology Co., Ltd", "Baohui Electronic Science &Technology Co., Ltd”,and “Baohui Electronic Science &Technology Subsidiary-Operating Department”. 

Upholding the business tenet of "Quality First, Supreme Credibility, Warm Service, Efficient Speed”, Zhanhui has grown up to a group corporation from an individual enterprise, which has its own manufacture equipment, independent R&D group, production and assembly lines, sales teams, besides we still OEM,ODM and operate our own arcade amusement centers. We set" Global games, self-R&D, Created in China" as our goal, and uphold the concept of "Modern life drives from technology" to develop new games, always Customer first, Quality first, and Service first.

Guangzhou “Zhanhui Animation Science &Technology Co., Ltd wholly owns of large amusement machine development and manufacture in one .It has become the leading supplier of amusement game machines in domestic. Now the plant takes up 22,000 square meters, and the existing staffs are over 250 people. There are core R&D department, production department and QC department. At the same time, we have adopted advanced data controlling CNC equipment,laser cutting machine, and through introducing ERP system, we’d established ISO9001 quality system.

Guangzhou Baohui Electronic Science &Technology Subsidiary-Operating Department, combines the four platforms of distribution, sales, service and information, mainly sells and provides the machine parts to different manufactures by importing high-tech parts from Taiwan and Japan.

Zhanhui company have won the approval of the game industry by various excellent products and perfect business concept, also with our honesty and huge market resource, we got support and trust from partners worldwidely, like Taiwan IGS and FEILOLI, Korea ANDAMIRO and KOMUSE, America ICE and Disney, and so on, those world famous game brand have become our main strategic partners.

With happy mood and the philosophy of enjoying life, we will work with unremitting effort to develop more popular games and provide customers with high quality products and best services. We hope China amusement market and industry will grow stronger and bringing the fun to the whole world. Hereby, Zhanhui animation thanks for your great support and assistance in the past, and welcome your faithful advices in the future.


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